March 22, 2010

The unrelenting March of time.

Apologies for the lack of posts recently. Spent the last weeks of my internal med rotation scrambling to study for the shelf exam, which definitely lived up to it's billing as a ridiculous exam. That was followed by a week of continuity curriculum, with The Greatest Day of the Year thrown in mid-week (and copious consumption of Guinness in celebration). Followed by The Greatest Weekend of the Year (aka March Madness). Little time for frivolous things like blogging, you know.

Anyways, just started on my rural medicine clerkship. I'm nestled in a small coastal town, living in a small loft apartment without television. Should be interesting. I'll keep the updates coming more frequently. Got some good stories from the end of medicine, including a couple dramatic codes and my first intubation! Stay tuned.


Brett said...

Looks like a quiet little town where one can find Goonies and Kindergarten Cops.....but you're probably too young to remember these ;-)

MedZag said...

Oh I'm definitely old enough to remember those, I actually had a classmate back in the day who WAS one of the kindergartners in Kindergarten Cop.

I'm currently searching for the pirate treasure...