September 7, 2010


So this month has been a blast from the past. Like all fourth year medical students in our fine nation, I've been spending the past week buffing, fluffing, proofreading, and shining my residency application. It brought back many a "fond" memory of 2006 when I was going through a similar process applying to medical school. And just like before, I'm stuck in that weird limbo now where everything is submitted, there's nothing left to do, and now it's a matter of waiting, and waiting, and waiting. As someone whose past four years have been filled with things to plan, things to do, things to prepare for... it's a strange feeling.

"Fortunately" I have Step 2 to keep me busy this month, which involves plenty of QBank and First Aid. It brings back many a "fond" memory of 2009 and preparing for Step 1. Luckily, none of the same anxieties this time around. But I'm back to my favorite spot at my favorite Starbucks, highlighters in hand. God knows how I did this for two whole years.

Luckily, only another 10 days of this then I'll literally be out of things to do. Who knows what I'll do then, I sure don't.