May 2, 2010

Livin' in a woman's world.

So I'm a week into OB/Gyn, which has traditionally been labeled as the estrogen-charged girls club of the third year rotations. I've heard some horror stories from a few members of my class of the male gender, so I had a few trepidations heading into the rotation.

I was standing in the workroom doing board rounds last week when the conversation of the room turned to hair straighteners. Believe me when I tell you I now know more about hair straighteners than I ever cared to know. My intern turned to me and mouths "sor-ry", and someone makes a comment about how I was the only guy in a room of 9 women. The funny thing is, I didn't even bat an eye at the entire situation. Hell, I didn't even notice the female predominance of the room until someone pointed it out. It seems like I've been working on female dominated teams more of the year, so I decided to do a formal count.

And of the 40 residents and attendings I've worked under this year... 33 have been women.

Maybe this has conferred some inherent advantage on this rotation, because things have gone swimmingly well so far. After all, we're all just living in a woman's world.

4 weeks left in third year.

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