January 5, 2010

You know you're in med school when... (VI)

Was riding up the hospital elevator up from the Starbucks in the lobby this morning with a classmate of mine. We were both clutching venti size coffees, and I turn to him and go:

"How much sleep did you get last night?"
"2 hours. You?"
"3, I was lucky."

A lady in the elevator with us suddenly laughs and says: "It builds character."



sarah (SHU) said...

ugh, builds character my #*$&#. i hate that part of medical culture! personally, i think sleep deprivation is the worst part of being a medical student/resident . . . and something that should change.

MedZag said...

Ditto. But since I can't change it, I figure the next best thing is to have fun with it.

Christine said...

Love this, Bobby. :) It makes me laugh. I can just see you two with your Starbucks.... good commercial material, too!