June 10, 2009

Step Prep: Day 19

6:00am - MedZag awakens for another day of relentless Step 1 studying. Man, he feels tired today.
11:00am - MedZag has to blow his nose.
11:15am - MedZag has to blow his nose, again.
11:30am - MedZag is noticing he sure is blowing his nose a lot today, and as he is noticing this, collapses into a fit of sneezing.
4:00pm - MedZag notices an insidious onset of headache, sore throat, and myalgias.

Well, crap. Of all weeks, of all days, my body chose 3 days before the boards to get sick. I know not who the culprit is: adenovirus, coronavirus, rhinovirus, or friends. I do know that this blows. No pun intended.

I've loaded up on the antioxidants and am pushing the fluids. We'll see if my immune system can muster one last Spartan defense before the big day.

And with that, I'm off to bed.

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Anonymous said...

May the luck of the Irish be with you during your Board exam tomorrow and all year long, too!