January 12, 2008


Every medical student knows this image.
Every medical student fears this image.
Every medical student hates this image.

Yes, it's reached that time of the year when we have the privilege and honor of studying... metabolism! Of course, this is only our first romp with it, we'll get it again next year. And that's what so great about metabolism - it sucks so bad that they give it to us twice!

What's that you say? If I had a dollar for every disease that somehow involved the metabolic pathway I could likely pay off all my med school debt? Ok, so I guess its important. But you try learning it all in 12 days. Yes, if there's one thing I've gotten good at lately its complaining. And all of this ridiculous information will be purged from my brain within minutes of taking the final. But still, you try learning it all in 12 days.


Anonymous said...

Wow this looks really hard. how do you do it? keep up the good work. you'll be a great doctor someday!

Anonymous said...

I'm a med student too and you're so right!! I know that image, fear that image AND hate that image!!! Your blog is awesome. it has helped me through my first year a lot. I look forward to every post. I wish you had more time to post them (like everyday) but you and I both know that being a medical student is probably more grueling than the eliminator on American Gladiators!!!

Here's to eating more hotdogs!!!